Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter allows you to help your companion navigate a long, challenging journey. Alice is an intelligent and resourceful young lady who has been caught up in some very unpleasant circumstances. Your assistance was sought by Alice. Could you lend a hand?

This game tells the story of Alice and all that she has experienced on her trip. You will find mini-games in the middle of your screen. These are where you can play the best bubble shooting games. Begin playing the bubble shooter game and complete the stages as fast as you can. Each level you complete will give you new decorations that Alice can use to help her restore order to her charred home. Enjoy a challenging yet fascinating storyline. Do not forget to have some fun with the bubble gun games!

You will enjoy this game with a compelling tale and should continue playing bubble shooter to discover other types of games.

How To Play

How To Play Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter

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