It's now time to go after them! Stick Fight lovers from all over the world are invited to join forces with their colleagues. Take control of the Stick figure by running, jumping, or fighting. You may also face your friends in 4-stick battles. After nine matches determine who is in top four. The game now includes over 100 levels, amusing weaponry, and more!

Stick Fight on the mobile platform is an official stickfighting game and is available for free. Stick Fight, a physics based fighting game on the web, lets you battle other players like the famous Stick Figures from the golden era. You might get to experience the classic Stick figure cartoons in these thrilling free-forall battles. There are 100 hilarious maps and hundreds more humorous weapons like bombs that explode or guns that shoot snakes. There are many ways to die.

How To Play

How To Play Sky Stick

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