Pixel Crash 3D allows you to unleash your inner wild animal! Pixels are everywhere! You are encouraged to fully immerse yourself in this digital universe. Here the colorful city and the life of an escaped bandit come together. Are you up to such an adventure?

This is a pixel graphics-based driving game. You can play it in many different ways. Choose a vehicle. You can change your car's color or add new features. To unlock more drivers or improve your talents, however, you must earn more money through the game. After that you have the option to choose from one of three game modes: racing mode or destruction mode. The first mode requires you to race faster than your rivals to win. It is important to not crush your vehicle in this phase. If you collide with other vehicles, you'll get bonus points. The city mode allows you to drive completely free. Let's see how well you can drive in the city mode.

This game has many modes and is a great vehicle game. You should also visit our other car game collection to enjoy even more fun!

How To Play

How To Play Pixel Crash 3D

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