Super Smash Flash 2 is one of the world's largest flash games, produced by Gregory Cleod9 McLeod of Cleod9 Productions and published by McLeodGaming in 2007. In Super Smash Flash 2 beta version, this game offers Give you 25 great characters from the world-famous classic and animation games like Mario, Goku, Naruto, Sonic, Dongkey Kong, Mega man, Bomber man, Ichigo, Pikachu, ... and 44 copies Map to fight and 2 game modes are time mode and stock mode to play and enjoy.

How To Play

In the game, there are button commands such as Jump, Up, Left, Down, Right, Dash, Grab, Attack Special, Shield... and all of them can be set to whichever button you want. Just head to the Options menu, select the Controls option and set your commands as you like, which also applies to all 4 players.

The super smash flash 2 controls option is available for both the browser and downloadable versions; in addition, there is no way to normally reset the controls back to the default settings. If you want to reset the super smash flash 2 controls back to default settings, you have to do manually or by clearing all data.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid falling outside of the stage that you’re on.
  2. KO your opponents to get more points.
  3. Try and get the support items on the stage.