Yarn Untangled provides you with the chance to win one of the cutest animals for free. A kitten that is just a little too small can be the sweetest of all the animals in the home. A kitten's first task is to clean up after it. Are you ready to rescue your dog?

You'll be asked to solve the puzzles of our little hero. It is a large and clumsy kitten, and seems to have made a mess with the toy yarn. Therefore, you are responsible for unravelling the yarn. Simply untangle the yarn as you go. To untangle the yarn there are 99 steps. This can be achieved by moving a ball along the ropes to make them untangle. The game ends at an infinite level, where you can experiment with the yarn for however long you like. Let's check if this is an entertaining and challenging quest for you!

How To Play

How To Play Yarn Untangled

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