Set out on a thrilling journey through remote, mythical lands where you can bring peace to the inhabitants of its lands. The beautiful world of Hexologic is your playground. Sudoku-like gameplay takes it to the next level. Sudoku can be a fun and rewarding game where you solve challenging puzzles while enjoying relaxing music. Sudoku will make you fall in love again.

Hexologic's beautiful world invites you to immerse yourself. Hexologic is extremely easy to learn. It's also an addictive logic puzzle game, which can be used in any language. Based on hexagonal grids the game reinvents sudoku rules. Combining dots inside the hexagonal grids to create a sum that matches the one at each edge will provide a rewarding experience for puzzle game veterans as well as newcomers. It features a simple gameplay structure, beautiful graphics, relaxing tunes, and challenging puzzles that are not too difficult. Gamers of all ages will enjoy hours of enjoyable gaming. Over 90 levels are designed right down to the most minute details. Six different game worlds offer unique gameplay mechanics. Hexologic will let you prove that your true mastery of the hexes.

How To Play

How To Play Hexologic

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