Gun Mayhem is an extremely interesting flash format shooting game developed by Kevin Gu. The game is designed with 10 maps starting from prehistoric context to modern times. The player's task in this game is to destroy all enemies by shooting them down! Simple, isn't it! Let's start the adventure now!

Gun Mayhem is an amazing shooting game in which you join a gun battle against many AI opponents with your equipped weapons. In this game, you must knock down your opponents off the cliff to dominate the ground, using a variety of different firearms. There are two game modes available: Campaign and Custom Game. In Campaign mode, players battle against AI opponents in a series of specific environments. The missions vary widely, including situations in which you have to fight against unusual opponents. The Custom Game mode allows players to create their own games based on a variety of options such as "Last Man Standing" or "1 Hit 1 Kill". Both Campaign mode and Custom Game mode allow co-op, so you can invite a maximum of 3 friends to play with you. Gun Mayhem was developed by Kevin Gu and Arvin Eksiri with music by Kevin MacLeod. At the beginning, you will be able to choose a character with different changeable skins and skills. You can choose a hat, shirt, handgun, and also a perk for your character. If your first arsenal was a small light weapon, don't worry! You can improve it by earning extra points. Then, you'll soon be able to afford a real gun that shoots huge bullets. The stronger the weapon, the more damage you can deal to enemies in a very short time. During the game, not only improved weapons but also very useful support items appear. Grab them quickly and use them correctly! At any stage, there can be only one winner. Compete and show off your skills as a skilled shooter!


  • Multiplayer shooting game
  • Free customizable character
  • Unlockable weapons 
  • Two play modes available:  Campaign and Custom Game


In the game, all the player has to do is destroy the opponent. You need to hit the opponent and knock him off the cliffs. Push them with bullets or try to smash them with some bombs! Remember, dodging your opponent's bullets is also very important. You can jump or roam around to avoid being killed by the enemy.

There will be 12 maps for players to choose from: Safari Showdown, Grim City, Polar Pwnage, Midnight Wood, Hovering Huoses, Desert Destruction, Magic Mushroom Muontain Melee, Great Shootout, Underwater Slaughhter, Dessert Duel, No Name and a random map mode.


There are 64 guns in the game. Check the list below and find your favorite one! 

  • Sub Machine Guns: MP5K-PDW, P90 Silenced, PP-19 Bizon, Thompson, UMP45, AUG A3 Para, MP5A2, LUSA A2, M12, MAS-38, AKS-74U, Vector, TMP, MAS-48.
  • Snipers: G36/1, SCAR SSR, Mauser 86 SR, AWM-F, PGM Hécate II, M95, DSR-1, SSG 69 PI, LRS 2, Galatz, VSS Vintorez, SR-25, Winchester Rifle SSG-3000.
  • Shotguns: M1200 Sawed-off, USAS-12, M1887 Sawed-off, Ithaca Flues Double Barrel Sawn-Off, KSG-12, Jackhammer MK3A2, AA-12, PM-5-350, M870 Marine Magnum, SPAS-12, Sagia-12, Sagia-20, EXP-095, SPAS-97, HP9-1, 
  • Assault Rifles: AK-47, Mini-14, Bushmaster M17S, G36C, RPK-74, SG552, Galil ARM, M4A1, HK33, F2000, SCAR-H.
  • Light Machine Guns: Stoner 63A, Minimi, AUG HBAR.
  • Specials: Mini Gun (not realistic), Dematerializer.
  • Handguns: Cool pistol.

Gun Mayhem Tips

  • Collect the support boxes to get stronger weapons or special abilities. These boxes will probably give you an advantage over your competition.
  • Be aware of the bombs. If you get too close to the bombs when they explode, you will be thrown far away and possibly fall off the cliff.
  • Pause/resume/restart or turn the sound on/off on the game screen. You can temporarily stop the combat and choose your own options even while it is in process.

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How To Play

Player 1 Controls

  • Arrow keys = move
  • [ key = shoot
  • ] key = bomb

Player 2 Controls

  • WASD = move
  • T = shoot
  • Y = bomb

Player 3 Controls

  • Numpad / 789 = jump
  • Numpad * = shoot
  • Numpad - = bomb

Player 4 Controls

  • Numpad 5123 = move
  • Numpad 0 = shoot
  • Numpad . = bomb