By putting on your best gear, you can be a Ninja Legend. You have been granted the privilege of accessing the mysterious, sinister continent full of stickmen. Everything in this place is yours. The adversary has now attacked your nation! Is it possible for the enemy to attack your country and take over the defense of the city?

You are the commander of all the city's weapons. The most important thing is to use them as effectively as possible in order win the fight and keep the city safe. Try not to be intimidated by the dark graphics and focus instead on shooting at other stickmen as your progress through levels. You might change your aim using your weaponry. You should always protect yourself with a shield when your adversary sets his sights on you. Both manual and automatic attack modes are available. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep an eye out for your health and energy, get rid of your adversaries, then move on to new chapters with greater abilities. Let's discover if you are ready to become a legend.

How To Play

How To Play Ninja Legend

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