Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is where you take on the role as universe's leader. The most important duty you have in life is now. You'll need to develop your defensive skills as well as use the most powerful weaponry possible for this assignment. It's going to be a fun time, so get ready!

This is an outdoor shooting game. You will be sent out into the vastness of space, where your only hope is to survive. As a space shooter alone, you must battle the overwhelming number of spacecraft in orbit. Sometimes you may be attacked by a whole fleet of space shuttles. In these cases, you have no choice but to act boldly and take them out one at a time. Be prepared to use your weapons, but don't let that stop you from strategically positioning yourself so you aren't caught in the crossfire. Time is a constant, and you will move on to the next phase as you defeat each foe. To travel freely through space, you must accumulate upgrades that will allow you to build better and more powerful spaceships.

How To Play

How To Play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

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