Ubisoft All Star Blast! is your guide to blasting through the levels. To defeat your opponents, take inspiration from the classic Bomberman game. You will need to run through the labyrinth in order to destroy the containers and explode explosives that will kill your opponents.

You must survive the Bomberman labyrinth for as long possible. You might accidentally drop explosives while running through the narrow passageways. The explosion will cause you to run away. Crates might explode and reveal secret power-boosters that you can acquire. Other players can also use the labyrinth to play this multiplayer game. Your explosives should be placed in such a way as to trap them. As the game progresses you will see the arena shrinking as trees and plants sprout from around the maze's perimeter. This will force players to congregate at the center of the arena in order to fight the last boss.

All-Star Blast is now possible! Each win will earn you money which can be used to unlock new, stronger characters. This Ubisoft Nano-game includes over 25 characters unlocked from many of Ubisoft’s most well-known series such as Rayman's Adventures, Assassin's Kreed, Far Cry. The Tom Clancy stealth video games, Brawlhalla are just a few.

How To Play

How To Play Ubisoft All Star Blast!

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